My story

Hello! My name is Laura.

I live in bustling London, work in technology market and am totally passionate about all things fitness. I have always been active and work out most days.

However, after running the London Marathon in April 2018 I was struck down by the need to wee all the time. I could no longer go on long runs, being on the window seat during a flight became a nightmare and I started to make self-deprecating jokes about a weak bladder in order to make in acceptable that I’d been to the loo three times during a trip to a restaurant.

I was slightly in denial until my mother pointed out my need to constantly stop to go to the loo on a long drive. She encouraged me to visit a women’s health physio.

During this session the physio confirmed I had a weak pelvic floor and would need to get treatment.

At 23 and athletic I was slightly horrified- surely my pelvic floor should be in it’s prim and enjoying the best years of health?! Pelvic floor problems are something I associated with ladies giving birth.

Throughout the physio session the physio admired my ‘bravery’ for attending and talking about my pelvic situation. To be honest I found this a bit surprising- in my head there is nothing shameful about needing to wee a lot- it is just annoying.

But, when I did internet research there seemed to be very few people discussing these issues. Even though 1 in 3 women will have a pelvic floor issue!

I have made it my mission to raise awareness about women’s health issues like pelvic floor problems. Please get in touch, share and spread your #PelvicFlaws

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